Monday, July 30, 2012

Improved Homework Tracking

So, in the past, I've been keeping track of homework in an inefficient way. At the end of each week, I would record who had completed their homework in my notebook. At the end of the week, I would give a prize to whoever I had down as completing all of their homework. An incentive is no longer necessary.

Again, I got this idea from the teacher I reached out to and hired for a few weeks. To be fair, my mentor, Mr. Agajan, a third grade teacher, also does something similar. Instead of waiting until the last day of the week, I start keeping track of my students homework as soon as each school day begins. As soon as each school day begins, I collect the homework from all of the students. One by one, I count them off. Recently, I've been giving a student the job of reading off the names for me.

As each student who has turned in their homework is read off, I write each name on the whiteboard. Each of those students whose names are on the whiteboard will get to go out to break/recess. Everyone else will have to stay in for break to complete their homework. Once every students' name is written on the whiteboard, I can erase all of the names from the whiteboard.

When the day began today, I only had five students who had completed their homework. By the end of the first of the two breaks, all twelve students had completed their homework. That saved me a lot of trouble because then I didn't need to keep track of whether students did their homework. Everyone finished it. Also, because I require everyone to finish their homework, they don't receive an incentive for finishing their homework. I'm unsure whether that is something that I should maintain or not.

In any case, that's how you can save yourself a lot of running around at the end of each week. Just verify and require that homework for each is finished on every one of those days.

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