Monday, July 9, 2012

Student VS Teacher Provided Supplies

So, I was prepping for my next month of teaching. I was picking up supplies like homework folders, folders for them to keep their vocabulary work in, and lined paper. After I bought all of the supplies, I was thinking... "Why aren't my students buying all of this stuff?"

As far as the cost is concerned, I can get deductions from my tax return or at least that's what my mom tells me. I haven't tried to get the deductions myself, so I'm not sure how accurate her statement is. She's done it before, so perhaps that gives her some credibility. Ideally, what do I want? I want the students to get the necessary supplies on their own. I'm not going to be using the supplies. They will. So, they should get it. Otherwise, it shows that I'll do the work for them and they can just sit back.

On the other hand, just based on how my students were last month with turning in homework, I don't have a lot of confidence in my students' ability to go out to the store and pick up the necessary supplies. I want them to use this supplies to keep themselves organized. If I get it for them, I know that they'll have it. But, undeniably, I shouldn't be getting the supplies for them. If I was good at keeping my students responsible, I would require them to get the supplies. But yea... I'm not good at that unfortunately. I just don't know how to pressure them hard enough. That's why I'm getting the supplies for them.

It's an unfortunate state that my current quality of teaching leaves me in. Oh well... hopefully, that's an aspect that I can change soon.

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