Saturday, June 16, 2012

Homework Incentive Planning

For my new job, I set up a little incentive program for homework. It's really simple. For each week that a student finishes all of their homework, I give them a treat (e.g. sour worms, jolly ranchers, or laffy taffy). That means you need to keep track of who has been finishing their homework. So, on Thursday night, you will want to have already made a record of who has completed what homework.

To make a record of who has completed what homework, there are three things you will want to make sure that you do: #1 Organize all completed homework by name and in alphabetical order. #2 Make sure that the homework for each student is arranged by date so that each file contains completed homework in the same sequence. #3 For each week, while recording who has completed what homework, assign a letter to each piece of homework (e.g. a = First draft, b = Final draft, c = word pyramid, d = dialogue worksheet, and so on). After doing so, you can list each name and write the letters corresponding to the homework which they have completed. For those students who have completed all their homework up until Friday, you can put a star on their name so you can remember to give those students their deserved treat.

You still might have students who don't complete all of their homework. What do you do about them? I'll save that for my next post.

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