Monday, July 23, 2012

Mass Tutor Marketing Strategy

So, I'll be starting my next school year pretty soon. I had a problem with CalState Teach which prevented me from getting my credential. I didn't pass my 4th and last TPA after three tries. So, they're making me repeat the last term. That's a whole other issue that I want to complain about, but don't have the space for in this blog post.

In any case, for that reason, I wasn't able to look up full time teaching jobs because generally speaking, I won't be considered if I don't have a teaching credential. So, I'm stuck with 4 hours at my new job and 26 hours at my new job. If all I was worried about was living expenses, those hours would be pretty good for me. But, that's not all I'm worried about.

A lot of people have told me not to worry about my loans because the interest rate is so minimal (i.e. 6.8%). Some how, that doesn't appease me. That doesn't appease me because the point is, as the years go by, I will owe more and more money. That means, it will take me longer and longer to pay them off. So, I want to pay those loans off ASAP. One of my supervisors for my old job gave me an idea.

So, a few months before school started, I decided that I would try to offer my services as a tutor. At first, what I was going to do was just put up fliers around campus about my tutoring services. The idea my supervisor gave me was to ask the principal whether I could make an announcement on the intercom. When I heard that teachers had done that in the past, my first thought was, "That's genius!" I'll reach every single student with my ad in a single instant.

I'll offer my services at $20 per hour. That's a pretty reasonable rate. If I can get at least 10 hours a week, I'll get around an additional $800 a month. I'll add another $200 to that. And, there you have it. I'll pay off my loans $1000 a month. The best part is that at least one third of the students at the school that I was an after school teacher at knows who I am and I'm on pretty good terms with them. It sounds like a good idea. We'll see how that goes when the time comes. 

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