Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Final Stretch

So, I will be done with my last week of student teaching after April 6th. However, that alone does not mean that I will have my credential yet. I still need to submit my fourth TPA which is due on April 9th. Will I have my credential after that? Nope. I still need to complete my RICA. It's basically a test for a teacher's ability to teach and assess reading to students K -8. So, I'll have my credential after I pass that test, right? Wrong again. I also need to take a U.S. Constitution test. I haven't taken the university courses which would satisfy that requirement, so I'm required to take it. Ok. Finally. Wait. I also need to get my CPR certification. Well... the good news is that it only takes a day to satisfy. After I successfully complete ALL of that, THEN I can acquire my credential.

Damn. That final stretch was longer than I had originally expected.


  1. Holy crap, a U.S. Constitution test, too? Goddamn you are a trooper.

  2. Haha... Thanks. Yea... I wish my immigration test could have counted for that requirement.