Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alameda County Office of Education Job Fair

This is kind of a delayed post, but I think that it will still be of interest. This pertains to a job fair I went to on April 5th. It was at the Alameda Office of Education in Hayward. If you want to see pictures from the other job fairs that I went to, go one of the following links: Santa Clara or LA Moderna

I was kind of disappointed in this job fair because it seemed tiny compared to the job fair I went to in San Jose. That probably was unavoidable just based on the districts that Alameda county consists of. There were two major plus sides to it, #1 It had workshops and #2 The arrangement was organized.

I found the idea of having workshops at a job fair interesting just because I never spend the entire day just visiting districts and dropping off resumes. I usually leave a couple hours early. They had workshops where you could have someone from a human resources department critique your interview, another on interview do's and dont's, another on using social media to market yourself as well as a few others.

The job fair was organized in terms of where all the tables were located. You had all the public schools (and some private) in one room, charter schools and vendors in another, and workshop rooms in another area. Also, they had schedules on TV monitors and on boards to remind you of the room # and time of the workshops.

I did get one administrator who was interested in my resume. Hopefully, she'll get back in touch with me to let me know what she thinks. Alright. You can see the pictures below:

Driveway Entrance

 Front Entrance


Receptionist Desk (balloons in balloons!)

Workshop Listings

Lines to Enter Job Fair

"Schedule of Events"

Registration Desk (Left Side)

Schedule of Events (TV Monitor)


San Lorenzo USD

Hayward USD

East Oakland School (on right)

Alameda Office of Education

TV Monitor 


Brandman University

Education for Change (charter school)

Cal State East Bay

Sylvan Tutoring & All Languages School (from left to right)

DeVry University


Bicycle Powered Blender (that's all I really looked at in the workshop area. She broke a sweat to make us some smoothies... :-) )

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