Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When a Student Doesn't Get Homework for 2 Weeks

This week and the last week have been... special for students and teachers. On April 27th, Read-a-thon began. Here is a 1 minute video to give you an idea of what is involved in Read-a-thon. In case you don't watch that video, I will also give you a description of it. For 2 weeks, all students throughout the school will spend an additional 30 minutes per day to read. Depending on how much money a student receives as a form of sponsorship, they will read more. I assume that they will read at home. I'll explain that momentarily.

In the same two weeks which Read-a-thon occurs, STAR testing is taking place. Every student took school time of the first week to study for the STAR testing. They studied in class with their teacher. Accomplishing new learning had largely been halted for STAR testing. And, in the following week, all the students actually take the STAR tests.

Now, because the students of Agajan's class were preoccupied with Read-a-thon and studying for STAR tests, they didn't receive any homework for 2 weeks. I remember yesterday, one of my former students said something interesting. Inside the portable that I work in for the after school program, she was looking at some papers in a folder hanging on the wall. Those papers were homework that students had lost and did not have a name. She asked me if she could complete that homework. I asked her, "Are you serious?" Yea... She was serious. I asked her, "You like to do homework?" She replied, "Yea... well, I haven't done homework in a while."

I guess compared to STAR tests, homework seems pretty interesting. That and perhaps, being away from it long enough allowed her to recover her endurance for it. I'm not sure whether what the rest of her peers think, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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