Monday, May 21, 2012

"Teachers Pay Teachers"

I'm giving credit to my former roomie, Paul Edison. He made me aware of this website. This website is called "Teachers Pay Teachers." And, that is exactly what can happen through this website. Teachers upload lesson plans, worksheets/exercises, activities, and so on. They set a price for the material that they upload. From there, based on whether you are a "basic" or "premium" seller, you can get a commission of 60% which transaction fees are deducted or a commission of 80% without transaction fees. Basic membership is free, but premium membership is not. It costs $59.95 a month. That's only bad if you don't sell very much. It sounds like if you're a popular provider on this website, then getting a premium membership becomes quite favorable.

Not only do teachers advertise what they have available to sell, but other teachers advertise what they want to buy. So, if you have the skill and just want some cash, find out what someone wants and provide it.

There are also sellers on this website who sell physical materials. I assume that online materials take up a larger fraction than physical materials. They're easier to provide. Something else about this website is that there is also a lot of free materials. Right now, that's all that I'm concerned with. I don't have time to create materials to sell on this website. I think that as I teach more, my materials will just accumulate and then it will become more effortless for me to sell on this website.

Anyway, it seems like an interesting online resource for any teacher. Whether you're an experienced teacher looking to make some extra cash or an in/experienced teacher just looking for more ideas, this website would seem to have some value.


  1. Actually, the premium membership is $59.95 per YEAR, rather than month. :) It's definitely worth it to get the premium.

    1. Sorry about that. Thanks for correcting me.