Friday, May 25, 2012

Child Makes Health Resolutions

Recently, Kaiser Permanente stopped by at the Chabot Elementary. They put on a play. I didn't see the play myself, so I don't know the exact content. All I know is that the play was about eating healthy and having an active lifestyle.

Naturally, in an elementary school of about 500 students, the responses were mixed. Some students thought that the play was lame, but others thought that it was pretty meaningful. I'm going to focus on the latter.

I was playing a boardgame with one of my former students. I was inside the portable for my after school teaching job. While we're playing, she brings this up: "I'm not have cookies anymore. Well... I'll have cookies once a month." To be honest, that surprised me for two reasons. #1 I love cookies and #2 A child just said that she wants to limit her cookie intake. That's awesome, but it's just surprising to hear from a 3rd grader.

I replied, "Wow. I love cookies. That sounds hard. Why do you want to limit your cookies?" Her justification was pretty quick. "Well, we watched this play a couple days ago. They said if we eat too much sugar, we'll get diabetes. I don't wanna get diabetes." I supported her because it's a step in the right direction as far as health goes.

I'm surprised at her intended resolution. That's actually an ambitious resolution for some adults. So, I'll give her major props if she's able to pull it off.

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