Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prereqs for Signing Up for a Teacher Recruitment Fair

In my past couple posts, I've been talking about my teacher recruitment fair tour and how to look for those teacher recruitment fairs. Before you go to any single teacher recruitment fair, there are a few things you should consider doing.

#1 Check the affiliated website

- Some teacher recruitment fairs will require to submit some preliminary documentation. For example, if you go to the Santa Clara County of Education (SCCOE) website.You will learn that if you have not yet graduated from your program, but are on your way to doing so, then you will need to submit a letter of appeasement. A letter of appeasement is a formal document from your university stating that you are in good standing with your program, the type of credential you will pursue, and approximately when you will receive it. As a teacher candidate, that gives you some added validity since you have a university backing you up rather than just being all on your own. But also, there is a consequence to not sending your letter of appeasement to SCCOE. All teaching candidates who have properly preregistered get into the event at 9 am. All teaching candidates who did not properly preregister cannot get into the event until 11 am. I'm not sure if other recruitment fairs act in the same way. But certainly, it can't hurt to bring extra copies of your appeasement letter with you. Actually, it should definitely help you to bring them.

- The main point is that there may be some requirements that you need to fulfill before attending a recruitment fair. It doesn't need to be the appeasement letter. It could be something else. It just depends on the specific organization.

#2 Call the organization hosting the event

- I ran into some trouble this week. I'm a little bit annoyed about it. Yesterday, I went to Berkley Maynard Academy for an open house. That is an Aspire school. They listed an event in EdJoin. They listed it as a recruitment event. Automatically, I assumed that because they listed it as a recruitment event, there would be interviewing and potential hiring going on. Well... they miscategorized the event. It was purely informational. For my purpose, all I discovered from going to that event was that they will be posting more jobs in their website soon. But, I didn't need to go to the open house to figure that out. An email would've sufficed. Anyway, do yourself a favor and call the organization to make sure that the event you want to go to will have what you expect. You'll save yourself from wasting some time.

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