Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Changing Classroom Seat Layout

Today, Mr. Agajan put me in charge of changing the seat layout. The placement of the seats will remain the same, but the seats that the students are sitting in will change. The goal of my changing the seating arrangement from the student's perspective is to have them sit in a group which they have not sat in before. That's not too difficult. From my own perspective, it is to attempt another seating arrangement to improve the flow of lessons in general.

First, this is simply how the desks are arranged:

  3            2        1
O O      O O    O O
O O      O O    O O
  6            5        4
O O      O O    O O
O          O O    O O

That is the simplest depiction of the desk layout that I can give you. I will need to follow up with some pictures tomorrow. "O" stands for a students desk. 1 - 6 stands for the respective group of students of desks. So, the first group in the top left is group #1. T stands for the teacher.

Now, this is how I started out. For every student, I took a strip of scotch tape. It's probably about as long as your index finger. On it, I wrote a student's name. For every student in group #1, I wrote each of their names in a blue marker. For every student in group #2, I wrote each of their names in green marker. For every student in group #3, I wrote each of their names in purple marker. And, I think you get idea. The colors in which I wrote the students of group #4 were different from group #5, and group #5 different from group #6.

Having said that, when rearranged the seats, I tried to make it so that no student's name who is written, for example, in green marker, was paired up with another student's name who is written in green. Why? Because I would be pairing up students who have been in the same group before.

Having organized each student group by color on scotch tape, I start writing names down to go in each student group. This is how it looks in my notepad:

Don't let the order of 1 - 6 throw you off. I just wanted to number it numerically for when I look at it while I am facing the class rather than when I am behind the class. Try not to get hung up on how the order appears in my notepad. The desk layout is the anchor which everything will correspond to. Anyway, in terms of where the exact students will sit, take the first group: Kris, Bentley, Angel, and Deya. Of group #1, Kris will sit in the bottom left seat, Bentley in the top left, Angel in the top right, and Deya in the bottom right. Of group #2, Casey will sit in the bottom left, Macii in the top left, Kiana in the top right, and Makayla in the bottom right. Of group #3, Elizabeth will sit in the bottom left, Trinity in the top left, Dimitri in the top right, and Griffin in the bottom right. Ok. Hopefully, you see the pattern. Also, keep in mind that the desks are arranged so that all the students of any given group are facing each other.

That's all I have to say on this for now. I think I'll have more to add, but I'll save that for another post. In particular, I wanted to explain my rationale for the new seating arrangement. Anyway, another time.

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