Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Being Known

I had a couple interesting encounters yesterday. So, the principal and vice-principal of Chabot Elementary still remember me. They both know that the term I did for my credential program in spring of the last school year was SUPPOSED to be my absolute last. So first, I cross paths with the principal. He asks me if I'm still looking for a job. Not thinking, I say yea. So he says, "Ok good because we're expecting something to open up." I thought it was cool how he was considering me. It's too bad that I'm not actually looking for a job since i don't have my credential yet.

I ran into the vice-principal on the school grounds on my way to work. She also asked me whether I was looking for a job. I told her that I have to repeat my last term since I didn't pass a state mandated assignment. Still... she suggested that I get in contact with OUSD and just tell them that I only want them to contact me if they have a sub position for me at Chabot. She suggested that I do that so they can see how I teach.

I love that they're both willing to give me a try. What made that possible was that I was basically on school grounds from before school started until after it ended. I don't think that anyone needs to do that to be known and thus given an opportunity to prove one's worth to a principal, but definitely, the stronger one's presence (i.e. in my case, the more time you spend on school grounds), the more likely that you'll be given that opportunity.

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