Monday, June 4, 2012

State Credentialing Standards for Behavior Management

So far, I haven't been required to complete any tasks for getting certified in terms of behavior management. But, I wonder whether such credentialing is necessary. I wonder if such credentialing should be required because you can't teach a class if you can't manage the behavior of the students, right? You can have the best lesson in the world, but if your behavior management sucks, then your lesson means squat.

Just like there is not just one good way to teach, there is not also probably not just one good way to manage the behavior of a class. But, when I went through CalState Teach, they at least gave us some models from which to learn how to teach. To me, it focused more on the direct instruction teaching model. But, it also went into differentiated instruction and the process behind forming a Student Support Team (SST). There being not just one good way to teach didn't stop CalState Teach from offering ways to teach one's lessons.

In the same way, methods of behavior management which have been researched to have been effective should be taught and assessed for prospective teachers. I know for my own program and for Teach Tomorrow in Oakland (TTO), behavior management is not even a peripheral focus. I have a friend who is getting his credential for TTO. That's how I know. That sounds absurd to me since good behavior management is necessary for students to be focused on a teacher's lesson. I don't know what other states are like, but if their requirements are anything like CalState Teach's and TTO's, then they also do not require that teachers learn and are assessed for their behavior management skills.

CalState Teach and TTO programs must satisfy the same credentialing requirements. So, my guess is that all credentialing programs in California do not require that prospective teachers learn and are assessed for their behavior management skills. Am I missing something or does my credentialing suggestion make sense?

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