Monday, January 9, 2012

"All Write Round Robin"

Mr. Agajan taught me a new teaching procedure. I'm trying to master it. As the subject makes explicit, it's called "All Write Round Robin." Tomorrow, my supervisor, Peter will observe me facilitating this procedure. Tomorrow, I will teach a lesson on suffixes. 

First, I will show them a sheet of paper. I will grab a long side of the sheet of paper and fold it in half. The base words will go on the left side of the crease and the suffixes will go on the right side. I will give my students an example of how a suffix is used. For example, I will first provide the base word "fear." First, I will put "fear" on the left side of the sheet. Then, I will put "ful" on the right side. I will move on to the next word. I will write "fear" on the left and "less" on the right. On to the next word. I will write "fear" on the left and "lessness" on the right. I write "fear" each time since each instance reflects a new word. After I finish giving them that example, I will give them a new word such as "help." I will not provide them examples for that word. On to the "All Write Round Robin" part of this lesson.

I will give all students 1 minute to write down as many words as they can. That is, they will write as many of the same base words with suffixes attached. After that 1 minute is up, I will give them an additional minute for another activity. Everyone sits in groups of 3 or 4. Everyone is only working in their own groups. The first person in a group reads one word from their list and then, the second, third, and fourth. After the last person in the group reads their word, the cycle continues until everyone has the same list of words. If a word is read off which a student in a given group already has, then they merely check it off. If a word is read off which a student in a given group does not have, then they write it down. I think that is why this teaching procedure is called "ALL WRITE ROUND." The "Robin" part just seems to have been added for cuteness. * cough *

After all students have finished sharing their words with each other in their respective groups, I will take a couple different students recorded words. I will display those words under the docucam. And, I will list them off in case other students did not also record those displayed words. That's basically how All Round Write Robin works.

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