Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Unaccounted for Child

I just got off of work from the after school program which I am a teacher for. I had just finished playing a card game with one of the kids. I was just about to grab my backpack and head home. Right before I reach for my backpack, one of my coworkers stops me. She says that one of the parents couldn't find their son. I wasn't sure where to look to be honest.

The only place that the child could have been in is the lower yard which is where all the lower grade students play. This student is in kindergarten. That is a lower grade. I know that he knows not to go to the upper yard. Yesterday, he asked me if he could play hockey as I was rolling the equipment over to the upper yard. I told him that it was for the kids in the upper yard. Immediately, he looked around for something else to do in the lower yard.

Anyway, 3 or 4 of us did a ten minute search for him to no avail. Finally, the parent finds out where his son is. I assume that he made a phone call. Apparently, he has someone else who is authorized to sign his son out and take him. And, that person that he authorized took him to some off campus after school class. However, for whatever reason, the person that was supposed to sign him out didn't do so. So, everyone was temporarily clueless as to where he was.

Anyway, the moral of this story is dedicated to dedicated some of the rule breakers out there. Some rules have a good reason for their implementation. So, don't be thoughtlessly negligent by ignoring their existence. In this case, the purpose of having a sign out sheet is to make sure that some seemingly random adult doesn't snatch your child.

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