Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prepping the Class for the Camera

Wednesday of next week, I need to record a video of myself teaching a lesson to Mr. Agajan's 3rd grade class. I need to record this video because my credential program, CalState Teach is requiring me to do so for my current module. Mr. Agajan gave me a good idea for getting the class ready for it.

Apparently, last year, he had another student teacher who had to do the same thing. The problem that that student teacher had was that the class was too fascinated with the camera. The result of that was that they were not behaving as they would if there were no camera. Mr. Agajan's suggestion was that for a few days prior to the actual video recording, just let the camera run. He said that most likely it will be a distraction for them because they will be curious about it. He's fine with that if it will allow my actual recording to be closer to their natural behavior.

My own guess is that they have some idea of what it's like to be on TV and perhaps they are familiar with the idea that whoever is on TV gets a lot of attention. They are still kids and I assume that they love attention. So, I'm guessing that they will want to get that out of their system by being led to believe that they are in the spotlight for some period of time. However, eventually, that experience will become boring or outlived. Running the camera three days prior to the actual recording might not get all the desire for attention out of their system. But, I presume that it will definitely satisfy some of that desire. In which case, they will have less of a desire to behave unnaturally when it actually comes time to do the real recording.

So, there you go. A helpful tip courtesy of my mentor, Mr. Agajan.

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