Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Intervening in a Student's Use of Home Time

In Mr. Agajan's class, I get along pretty much with all of the students. In this post, I will refer to two particular students that I get along with on a specific level. The reason why I get along with them is because all three of us are gamers :-X. I hardly play much anymore. Perhaps, I play like half an hour to an hour a week. But, I played a lot more when I was there age. Which, to be honest, might have been relevant to why I was kind of violent and got into a lot of fights when I was in elementary school.

Anyway, I disapprove of a couple of both of their hobbies. My disapproval pertains to the kind of videogames that they play and the kind of shows that they're watching. I think I've established a good rapport with them. They both feel pretty free about telling me all of their hobbies. For their videogames, they're playing Mortal Kombat on SNES. If you don't know what it is, it's probably one of the bloodiest games you can play on SNES. I mean like, ripping arms, legs, heads, removing bodily organs bloody. If you have the stomach for it, here's an example:

As for the shows that they're watching, they're watching shows like South Park and Family Guy. Both of those shows are recommended for viewers who are at least the age of 18. These students are each the age of 9. Most likely, they've already had exposure to a lot of sexual humor and gore. Here are a couple examples: Southpark:, Family Guy:

So, why are their hobbies any of my or Mr. Agajan's business? It's our business because they are still impressionable. That is, they are still at the age at which they will copy whatever they see. So, if they see Cartman get kicked in the balls or whatever and they think it's funny, they may assume that kicking someone in the balls at school is funny. If they think that uppercutting someone in the face so that they fly 10 feet high is cool because they saw it in Mortal Kombat, they might assume that it would be cool if they could do that stuff in real life.

That's why I feel a need to get into their business. We haven't acted on it yet, but we will soon. I'm surprised that the parents are allowing them to play these games are watch these shows. For the games part of it, they play these games together. I know from experience that they aren't clever enough as far as being sneaky goes. So, that means that at least one of their parents is knowingly allowing them to play these games. As far as the shows go, at the very least, the shows that they are watching are not being monitored. I'm not sure whether both students watch these shows. But, I know that at least one of them does. 

Anyway, we'll see how our attempt to intervene will play out.

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