Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Attendance During Field Trips

In a recent post, I talked about how an easy way to track students' novels is to assign each student with a number and have each student use a novel which is labeled with the same number. Turns out that assigning each student with a number is also helpful for taking attendance during a field trip.

We took a field trip to the Oakland Museum. It was for a Native American exhibit since that's what the 4th graders had finished studying in Social Studies.

Ms. Massey has 39 students of 4th graders split into two separate classes and all of those students were going to the field trip. Before we headed off to the museum, we took attendance. All 39 students sat in a circle on the ground in Ms. Massey's classroom. Instead of calling them off by their first and last name, for the first class, she just called each students' number and when a particular student's number was called, that student raised their hand. And, the same was done for the second class. The great thing about that is that its a lot quicker to say a students' number than to say someone's first and last name (or even just their first name).

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