Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Advantage of a Class Website

So, my current mentor has mentioned her interest in setting up a classroom website. On it, she would post the assigned homework for the current day. To me, that's a pretty big deal. It's a big deal because I hear so many students in class say that they didn't bring their homework because they didn't know what the homework was.

They could've not written the homework down in their planner while in class, misplaced their planner, not having listened while in class, didn't know someone who knew what the homework was, or even a genuine and serious situation like being sick. A classroom website can serve as a response to all of those excuses. For every one of those situations, there is an easy solution. Look at the website.

As long as your internet is not down or your local library is still open, you would be able to independently figure out what the assigned homework is for the present day. Thus, you could still know what the assigned homework is.

Although I think having a classroom website to list each day's homework is a great idea, I think some students would still try to find ways around it. I think some students would make up excuses like my internet was down, the website wouldn't open, my computer wasn't working, I didn't remember the website address, or even just, I forgot to check. Hopefully, I'm wrong about some kids pumping out excuses like that, but I've already seen too many kids trying to excuse themselves for their mistakes, so I'm still a little pessimistic about this great idea. I would be less pessimistic if I knew of an actual teacher who did this and got good results from it.

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